2017 Races I Would Like To Run

I really want to get a lot more racing in for 2017. This will be difficult for a few reasons, one of which is the limited number of races in this area. Another reason is, I am trying to get my Boston Qualifying time at Revel Mt Charleston in April. If I miss qualifying in Vegas, I make another attempt at the Jack and Jill Marathon in July.

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Revel Mt Charleston was my fastest marathon, to date, when I ran it in 2016. My winter mileage going into Mt Charleston Marathon in 2016 was a lot more consistent than this year. However, I am trying to add more elevation and trails in this training cycle. Hoping that even sporadic training can reap benefits. If my stomach does not rebel at Revel, like it did last year, I should be in good shape, with that alone. Additionally, the updated final few miles of this year’s Revel Mt Charleston route may offer additional assistance.

Something tempering my desire to race more in 2017 is the lack of races near our home. The Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area does not have the plethora of races the Las Vegas area has. Heck, over the February 19th weekend in Las Vegas, there were two races the same, day. In Phoenix, two more races (one of which was the Lost Dutchman Marathon – so much fun). This area won’t have a race for a little while. The few, and far between, local races are bolstered by a few more races hours away. The drives were not an issue previously, as we had good fences, and a dog door. Without adequate fencing, and no dog door, our pups (and the baby) are further holding us back from racing more.

Returning to run Ogden Marathon, again - Chris-R.net

Following April’s Revel Mt. Charleston marathon attempt, we will be returning to Ogden, Utah, once more. Despite last year’s proclamation that I would *never* run that race again, I was convinced otherwise. I will attempt another sub-4 marathon (a first for that course, for me), as my wife again tries to complete the half marathon.

In 2016, the Ogden Marathon race conditions were absolutely MISERABLE! They took all the worst parts of 2015’s race, and amplified them. We had more rain, wind, and cold than they had in years. Here’s to hoping 2017 has better conditions! It will also be nice to re-connect with a competitor from Las Vegas, as we try to pace/race each other for our sub-4 hour marathon goals.

Trail Maniacs - Inland Northwest Trail Runners - Chris-R.netAdditionally, I plan to race a number of the Trail Maniacs’ events throughout our region. Their State Park Series looks like a fun way to learn the area. Unfortunately, their first two events are the same day as Mt Charleston Marathon, and Ogden Marathon. Looks like we will focus on their weekly group runs, and join the State Park Series events when we are not otherwise engaged.

Update – February, 2017: This is a fun group, from what I have experienced thus far. If anybody is interested in joining the group, or joining in on a run, let me know. I can invite you to a future group run, that may not be publicly announced.

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