In the past 15+ years, my works experience has gone from office work to most positions in restaurants, back to office and field work. I have worked in companies with a dozen employees, have been the only employee, to working in a company of nearly 100 people, managing one third of them.

The past decade of my employment history has been divided between just two organizations. While I prefer to find a place of employment that will allow me to grow and move within their ranks, rather than jump from job to job, taking chances with internal moves can have detrimental effects.

That being said, it has now become time for me to find the next organization to learn, grow and be successful within. Or, preferably, I am looking to make this time be the impetus behind me building something again.

From photography to computer repair, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, pay-per-click optimization, other digital & social media marketing, to employee, project and department management I have expanded my abilities and offerings for potential employers. As a Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None (JOATMON) in this modern age of technology mixed with human interaction, the wide range of experience gives me the opportunity to be a valued member of quality organizations.

My wide range also scares off some employers. I love to learn, however, potential employers have given me the cliche “overqualified” dismissal. That’s OK, it must not have been the right position for me.

Published Work:

In the past few years, I have been published in a local Las Vegas Golf & Leisure magazine, an internationally distributed calendar for Motul Oil, a post-event poster celebrating Pikes Peak, also by Motul Oil. Subaru Drive Performance magazine hired me to shoot the front and back covers, as well as a full feature article packed full of photographs of the cover story. This commission also included an additional bit of exclusive content added to their website. Also a part of the Drive Performance project, I wrote the article, too.

Previously, Ford Motor Company used one of my photos for a Motorsports Truck catalog cover. Performance Auto & Sound magazine was another publication which hired me to shoot a featured vehicle for their magazine. An assortment of events have hired me as the exclusive event photography provider.