Snow Running In Northern Idaho Is Absolutely Amazing

Over the summer, I relocated from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the Inland Northwest. Now that winter has officially hit, I am thoroughly enjoying snow running. Having sold our treadmill before the move, I have no real options for continuing logging miles.

Now that life has settled down, and we are finding some semblance of a routine, I have been able to pick up running again. Thus far, it is only on weekends, but miles are miles! There was a bit of hesitation, and nervousness hitting me leading up to my first winter run.


Would I be too cold? With snow/ice covered roads, would I be able to run, or just fall? Would breathing be an issue for me, as it has been in cold weather before?

During my first attempt at snow running, the aforementioned issues were assuaged. I even went out after 8pm, and had a spectacular time logging a few miles. That first night, snow run even had a driver roll down her window to cheer me on.

I enjoyed the feeling of snowflakes hitting me as I ran. My limbs were only slightly chilled, allowing me to have a great run. Even the roads cooperated by not being too slippery. Each run gives me a little more confidence in my winter snow running capabilities.

Snow Running = Pure Enjoyment!

There is no other way to describe the feelings of running in the snow, than pure enjoyment. The views in this area alone are worth the price of admission.

Lake View while Snow Running in N. Idaho -

This view of Hayden Lake stopped my in my tracks while learning the area by foot recently. As always, phone photos just don’t capture the awe inspiring impact of this lake view.

Snow Covered Expanse -

Near Honeysuckle Beach, there is a large field. During the summer, it looks cool with its green grass. Cover it in snow, however, and it takes on a new dimension.

Snow Covered Scenery -

Some roads may seem dark, and ominous, with what looks like black, and white coloration only. Even then, something about the contrast is calming.

North Idaho Winter - Now With Color -

When the light is right, the green & brown of roadside trees shine through, and add an extra dimensional visual appeal to the area.

A Snowy Honeysuckle Beach -

Honeysuckle Beach is peaceful, and very quiet during winter days. The blanket of snow lends additional color to the dock, as it extends into Hayden Lake.

Hayden Lake is Frozen -

Last time Jet and I made it to this path at Hayden Lake, off Honeysuckle Beach, I went down to the water to shoot this fallen tree & the lake. This visit, I avoided a trip down the berm, as I was not wanting to break through any ice, and get my feet wet.

Seeing this much ice on the lake, with a cap of snow was serene.

Apparel Changes

In Las Vegas, I could get away with running in a singlet, shorts, and short socks year round. During winters, I may “dress warm” – wearing calf sleeves, and a bandana to keep my ears warm. Northern Idaho winters require a different kit.Dressed Like A Snow Running Ninja - Chris-R.netAgainst my original plans, I have began to wear my TCS NYC Marathon windbreaker lately. It works as a nice shell to keep the wind from assaulting me. Beneath the shell is a long-sleeve tech shirt, over a sleeveless compression shirt. My Subaru Fandana, a summer sweat collector, is a snow running ear/face warmer. My head stays warm with a warm beanie I picked up at the TCS NYC Marathon Expo in 2016. Asics running gloves make my hands sweat, which is much better than the alternative.

Running Tights & Trail Shoes -

My legs now stay warm with a pair of running tights, covered in a pair of shorts (pockets are a must). My Balega calf height hiking socks, made of Merino wool are both fantastically comfortable and warm, to boot. Traction is provided by Brooks Cascadia 8 trail shoes. So far, I have avoided the YakTrax, not sure how much longer that will be the case. Or, how long until I will have to upgrade to winter running shoes with micro spikes, and gaiters.

Let me run!

Each run I make the time to start, is a run I want to keep going. Wearing the Subaru Fandana has helped to solve my cold weather breathing issues. Not being able to breath in cold weather has been a downfall of mine for years. It feels great to run free of breathing irritation!

So far, my longest run has been a 10k. I hope to explore the area more, get some longer routes in, and eventually make it around Hayden Lake for a lovely run before the marathon.

Snow running is so much better than I could have imagined, if you have an opportunity to run in the snow, do it!

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