My Cars

Some may question a car enthusiast’s love of automobiles. To some, they are merely a means of transportation, to get from one location to another. For others, such as myself, they are more than a simple mode of transport. Cars have captured my imagination since I was a kid. Ideas for builds, dream garages, and a growing collection of memories are all thanks to a love of cars.

There is a question of “wasted money & effort” on cars that one loves. I disagree. Where I am in life, right now, with my career, some of the best friendships I have forged as an adult, all because of my car. More specifically, all because of my love of the Subaru Impreza WRX Sportwagon that I bought brand new in 2007.

Joining the local Las Vegas Subaru enthusiast club, Flat4, introduced me to a community of others with a shared passion. Some have long moved on from their Subaru ownership roots, others never will. Between my wife, and myself, we currently own three Subarus. It’s a passion that is akin to the Ford vs Chevy conversations of generations past.

Owning cars that are built like Legos, for one eager for something that is their own, can be an expensive hobby.

Check them out below:

My 2007 Subaru Widebody WRX Wagon -