I Miss My Favorite Run Group – Sin City Road Runners

The Greatest Motivation: A Run Group

One of my favorite things to do was our Wednesday nights with the run group. Debi M. started the Sin City Road Runners on Monday nights. The group had weekly runs in Henderson, Nevada for the longest while. It was then that I met Jen M. who would become my running partner for many years, and many miles.

I found having other people to meet up with kept me running, even when I had excuses come to mind. That socialization & fear of letting friends down was a great element of being a part of a weekly run group.

After Debi took a new position on the East Coast, I became the de-facto group leader. Keeping the social media accounts up to date, and trying to recruit new runners was a fun part of my contribution to the Sin City Road Runners.

Following the departure of our friend KB, and her cross country move, we shifted the date from Monday to Wednesday evenings. This allowed us to piggy back with the Village Runner’s group, including mileage tracking, a monthly raffle, giveaways, vendor appearances, and more.

Change is inevitable.

Throughout the years, members have joined, and left for a variety of reasons. Some, I keep in touch with via text message, or social media. One thing is certain, all of my running friends are greatly missed. In this area, the Inland Northwest, one of the world’s largest continuous run groups resides: The Flying Irish. They are but one of the many groups with mid-week runs starting way too early for me to get to.

In time, I hope to find at least a small core of runners to meet up with. I don’t mind whether we traverse roads or trails, as long as we get a run group together. As I race in this area more, perhaps I will meet more local runners.

No matter what though, I don’t think any group will ever touch the awesomeness that are my friends of the Sin City Road Runners. We welcomed runners of all abilities, ages, and species on our weekly runs. Start point venue changes did not keep us from adapting, and finding new routes to run with each other.

Sin City Road Runners - Run Group - Chris-R.net

Sin City Road Runners - Run Group - Hitting "The Wall" - Chris-R.net

If anybody in the Hayden/Coeur d’Alene area wants to go for a run, let me know! I ran year round in Las Vegas, despite the heat. Attempting to run through Winter is my next challenge. Who wants to log some miles with another crazy runner?

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