Calico Racing: Progressive Slam

Ever since hearing about the Calico Slam, my interest had been piqued. There are a few options for completing a Calico Slam event, in one of four categories:

  • The Calico Slam
  • The Calico 1/2 Slam
  • The Calico Mega Slam
  • The Calico Progressive Slam

With my predilection for challenging myself, I could not settle for the easiest Slam option: The Calico 1/2 Slam. Instead of completing four half marathons in a 12 month period, I am opting for the more challenging, both physically and schedule-wise, option: The Calico Progressive Slam.

After an email exchange with the ever helpful race director, Joyce Forier, she verified my proposed event schedule was the only option, if I was to start this upcoming Saturday at the Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon. Another fact that Joyce brought up was, since 2010 when the Inaugural Progressive Slam was ran, nobody else has completed the challenge! If I am able to stay healthy and run strong, by August of 2014, I will have a Calico Racing Progressive Slam under my laces.

My proposed schedule:

  • Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon – September 28, 2013
  • Hoover Dam Marathon – December 14, 2013
  • Labor of Love 50K – April, 2014
  • ET Full Moon Midnight 51K – August, 2014

I do feel it is a little “cheap” to only increase my distance by a single kilometer to complete the challenge, however, as Joyce put it, I am still progressing! Perhaps my next ‘Slam’ should be the Marathon or Mega Slam.

These races are in addition to the half I already have planned for November 30th – Looks like I will REALLY need to run more, up my miles and prepare for my second full and first two ultras.

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