Going in all directions

After running the disastrous event that was the Really Big Free Marathon last November, I have been going non-stop. Even after finishing 26.2 miles through Lake Mead Recreation Area, I got changed and went to work for a few hours at an event I helped plan.

What made RBFM such a disaster? The “organizers” did not have proper permitting, no sponsors, the course was only half marked, they had no volunteers at road crossings, only a single (JUST ONE) medical team for 26.2 miles worth of the course. I survived it, albeit at an embarrassingly slow time (5:05:xx) – not horrible given the fact I didn’t really train to run a full marathon.

Following my first half in April of 2012, I was laid up for almost 6 weeks as my knees and ankles recovered from a 1:57:27 half. Fearing the same after a full, my lack of pushing it for the full 26.2 miles of the event left me able to walk fine and run only a couple days later.

Running my second half in April of 2013, my time only slowed down 4 minutes, despite not having my running partner with me and temperatures about 15-20 degrees warmer than the year prior. Not too bad for a casual runner. Was disappointing to not finish sub-2 hours for a second time on this course, but not so disappointed that I won’t be pushing hard on my next race.

In other business, I was contracted to shoot photos and write an article for a Subaru owner’s magazine: Drive Performance for the end of 2012. As it turns out, my photos landed on both the front and back covers, as well as throughout the article and on the website with additional content.

Many other partnerships have been forged, helping bolster my network of trusted partners for many projects. This is in addition to new brands I have been developing for each of the ‘communities’ I am a part of, such as runners, car enthusiasts and the like.

With a bit of hard work, persistence and the ability to get our products in front of potential customers’ eyes, the future is looking up!

Coming up in the running realm is my first running of Red Rock Relay’s Zion event, barring an event in California needing my attendance on that same day. Also, the rescheduled ‘Running With The Devil’ marathon I was supposed to run in July (cancelled due to heat) – was rescheduled for the exact same day. Same with an automotive event in Arizona. Four events, four states, one day. Picking one was tough, hoping for the RRR Zion relay, looks like it should be a TON of fun!

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