Close to the End…

… of 2013, anyway.

As of today, 12/16/13, I am one half of my way through the Calico Racing progressive slam! I completed my second ever full marathon on 12/14/13 – the Calico Racing Hoover Dam Marathon. This was 26.2 miles of cement, pavement and dirt trails near Lake Mead, through Six Tunnels Trail and onto a Hoover Dam parking garage roof, with two loops of the 13.1 mile course.

The course was absolutely beautiful, with perfect weather for a marathon, and I thoroughly enjoyed the elevated views of Lake Mead from the course. It was a great experience!

Despite some objections by my legs, at certain points, I was able to remind myself that I wasn’t going to fail and pushed on. Completing the 26.2 mile race with my pace a solid 1 minute per mile faster than my last full, I was completely satisfied and ecstatic to have a personal best that day, of nearly 26 minutes for the distance.

My next Progressive Slam race is Calico Racing’s Labor of Love 50k. I keep trying to find someone to run it with me, telling them it is only 5 miles further than a full. So far, no dice. As I finished the full, I questioned my sanity in wanting to go to an Ultra distance. Without challenge, there is no growth. I will challenge myself, I will add another 5 miles onto a full and cross the finish line come May 4 as an Ultra Marathoner.

So far, for 2013, I have managed to PR the following distances:

  • 5k: 23:48
  • 10k: 52:11.56
  • 13.1: 1:51:08*
  • 26.2: 4:39:01.3

Can’t say that 2013 was that bad of a year, running-wise!

* Pilgrim’s Rock Half Marathon at Tule Springs in Las Vegas Nevada – My first ever age group win!

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