Google Fi Referral & Review

Use this Google Fi Referral link for a $20 credit on your Google Fi bill, after 30 days on the service.

Watch out for the Pixel Live Cases though, mine (and many others’) do not seem to have very high quality. My Google Pixel Live Case cracked within a few weeks of careful use.  It has not been dropped, yet is cracked on all four corners.

The Fi service itself is pretty sweet. I have awesome phone coverage, data connectivity is great. The Google secured Wifi is a nice feature, too.

Google Fi’s data fees are very reasonable, with a simple widget to track my data usage, I am in control. So far, I have received a prorated credit for my first month’s data usage, which was less than pre-paid.

If anybody has questions about the service, feel free to reach out, I would be happy to answer any questions.

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