Making the Inland Northwest Home

Since June, I have been in the Inland Pacific Northwest, for home, for work, for good. So many changes have been happening, keeping up with updates has not been a primary task. Despite the fact it may be helpful in many ways.

There are still race reports to write, Crater Lake Marathon was an experience I had in August, with some amazing highs, and impressive lows, among other races that need a recap written.

August was also my first 200 mile running month, with my fastest monthly average pace, too! Suppose running with my Kenyan friend was a big boon to my fitness levels. Once Labor Day weekend hit, my daughter was born early, and has been my primary focus. Many hours spent visiting the Kootenai County NICU trumped logging miles. For a week, I tried to maintain some level of training, which was not done with the best scheduling.

Running has taken a back seat to family & work. Which is quite unfortunate, as I was on track to absolutely slaughter my 2015 TCS NYC Marathon time in November. That being said, I am anxious to make my quick trip to NYC for a second consecutive year & see how well I can do through the five boroughs on very, very, very well rested legs.

To test them out, I may go after another state and nab a bib for the Hayden Marathon next weekend. Why not? Why not, aside from the potential for injury, and a weather report that is showing cooler temperatures, with rain. Just what I would need, a repeat of Ogden Marathon this close to the TCS NYC Marathon.

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