Still Forgotten

Misplaced my password, couldn’t remember which email address was tied to the blog. Well, since Recycled Half Marathon in June, I have ran a ton, and raced a lot! Who would have thought actually training for a full marathon would be so tiring and time consuming? Ok, pretty much everybody.

Here we are, 12.5 days away from the TCS New York City Marathon, running through all five boroughs of New York City on November 1, 2015, and I just finished another four mile training run. Some lingering leg issues from a PR setting half marathon in Cedar City last month seem to be almost completely gone.

So far, 2015 has been a near clean sweep in PRs. 5k, 8k, 10k, Half Marathon, Ultra Marathon (50k/51k). All I need is a 26.2 PR, and I will have set a new personal record in every distance I race, this year.

2014 was a good year, running-wise, for me, and I finished the year with 490.9 miles total. I couldn’t quite break the 500 mark, as I was lazy, and unmotivated toward the end of the year. As of tonight, I am at 847.22 miles for the year. I will easily hit 1,000 miles – but will miss my late-in-the-game goal of 1,500 miles, since I took too many rest days during my NYC marathon training plan. Not mad at all, as doubling my yearly mileage is a feat all in, and of itself.

As I get some free time, I will add more race reports from each of the races that followed Recycled in June. Some of the races to be added: Cedar City Half Marathon, Saints & Sinners Half Marathon, Once in a Blue Moon – Shoot the Moon (three 5ks in a few hours), TAPPS 10k, after this weekend, Trick or Trot 10k, and a few more.

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