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I seem to go in streaks, I write a lot, then I slack off and forget to make time to write race recaps, updates, etc. Following the last post, I changed positions, which came with more hours, more responsibility, and less time to myself.

That being said, it has been a busy, busy time since last August. I have completed four 5ks, two 8ks, six half marathons (two of them in a single day), three full marathons (one we stretched to 28 miles – as we all got misdirected), and one official ultra marathon of 50 kilometers in distance.

My 2014 mileage total was the most I had ever ran previously, yet was still disappointing. I ended 2014 with 490.9 miles. The motivation to do that last 9.1 miles eluded me as December came to a close.

So far, I set new personal bests in 5k, 8k and half marathon distances since August of 2014. My sights were set on bettering my full marathon time, too – to no avail. On a positive note, in 2015, I have already ran nearly 392 miles, with almost 64 hours worth of running time. My average pace to date, is 9:46 minutes per mile. My slower than anticipated efforts at a couple races have helped to tick that time up.

Coming up for the rest of 2015, I have a number of half marathons (Cedar City, Saints & Sinners, and Pilgrim’s Rock) to look forward to, as well as finally completing my Calico Racing Progressive Slam with August’s E.T. 51k. November 1st, I will also be one of the lucky runners toeing the line in New York City, as I won a lottery spot to participate in the ING NYC Marathon.

I am planning on setting a personal best in New York, and will finally, actually, for once, be setting a predetermined training plan up, to get my legs and lungs ready for 26.2 glorious miles through all five of the NYC boroughs.

With luck, the training plan, better diet, and a strong will, my NYC Marathon will turn out great!

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