Calico Racing: Progressive Slam – Progress

Previously, I posted my proposed schedule:

  • Twilight Red Rock Half Marathon – September 28, 2013
  • Hoover Dam Marathon – December 14, 2013
  • Labor of Love 50K – May 3, 2014
  • ET Full Moon Midnight 51K – August, 2014

Thus far, I have completed half of the required races. The Twilight Red Rock Half was a tad slower than I would have preferred, and was my slowest half to date. I am not disappointed though, as it was actually faster than I expected. With a thousand feet worth of elevation gain in the first five and a half miles slowed me down quite a bit.

Following the race at Red Rock, I was ready to tackle another full being held within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. This race featured over 2,600 feet of elevation gain, which slowed me up. However, I did manage to drop 26 minutes off of my previous full marathon time, can’t knock that improvement!

Now, there are two, very challenging races before me. To check my current fitness level, I have my third full scheduled for March 29. This will be my long run/shakedown event to make sure I am ready to tackle the Labor of Love 50k on May 3. Then, it will just be a matter of maintaining fitness through the hot, hot Las Vegas summer, until August rolls around. We will begin the ET 51k at midnight, which means cooler temperatures, which is a plus!

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