More things change…

The more they stay the same.

My monthly mileage is going up, February was a 40 mile month, almost exactly. March may end up being a little low, that is OK though. Come April, the mileage will really get going again, especially once I finish up my half marathon in Lake Havasu City.

Now that the temperatures are warming up, it seems like some of the hesitation to move forward with various projects is dissipating. I am anxious to get some of these ventures up and running!

One such venture that I need to get going on again is photography. It has been too long since I have regularly shot events, cars, or anything for that matter. Soon though, I hope to start finding and working with subjects that will let me practice on them, provide both of our portfolios a boost and go from there. If anybody wants to set up a shoot for a family, pet, person, car, truck, flower, I don’t care (as long as it is legal) – contact me and let’s make some images!

A friend died after falling from a rather high rock face in Calico Basin. If you are in the Las Vegas area, I am sure you became familiar with the name Ron Kirk after he went missing. Despite not having an abundance of time spent in his presence, his life was an inspiration for how everybody should strive to live. Forgetting about the bad, seizing the moment, embracing the good and living. Just full-throttle living.

During the search for Ron, the Red Rock Search & Rescue (Red Rock SAR) was formed. This volunteer organization exists to help those in need of being found and or rescued in the Red Rock area. If they can get enough volunteers and funding, they hope to help people in all of Southern Nevada and beyond. Check out the Red Rock SAR site to see what you can do to donate or volunteer your time, vehicle, etc. You never know, your time or donations may be used to save you or someone you know and love.

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