A New Venture

In order to get out into the community more, I have been selected as a volunteer to help promote the 2011 running of Ragnar Relay’s Las Vegas event. This has added a large number of community interactions each month, including joining local running clubs a number of  trail and road course running.

These local weekly club runs and monthly races are working on putting me into even better shape. The first event I ran this year surprised me, as I was unaware 8 minute miles were my slow pace. Coming up in July, a mere 5 months away, I will be running Ragnar Relay’s Northwest Passage in the #3 slot. As long as I can survive the brutal 6.8 mile Very Hard leg climbing through a long section of the Pacific Northwest, the other two legs should be a breeze.

I am hoping that the new contacts attained in the running community can help me find more opportunities to re-join the work force.

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