6 Days In

Keeping myself in close proximity to a standard 8-5 schedule during my unemployment has been a big help now that I am employed once more. It was very nice to not have a battle with internal clocks to re-learn how to wake up in the mornings.

Another benefit to employment, at least with my current position, is the lack of monotony. So far, projects have ranged from daily photo taking to heading to Colorado Springs, Colorado to shoot the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb for Zenkai Motorsports.

It was a tough year, and getting caught up and closer to being ahead, with savings accounts growing each month is one of the best feelings. 2011 has been good so far, and is looking to continue improving my outlook.

Good luck to those still seeking employment. The jobs are starting to appear, competition will be fierce, each job gained will be helpful to the economy as a whole.